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I offer several types of beaded weft extensions.  Price and hair type will be determined at the time of consultation. Consultations are 30 minutes with a fee of $40 that will be put towards the price of your service if you decide to move forward with extension installation. We will discuss your goals, whether you are wanting to add length or thickness and I will assess your hair texture, health and color so we get the perfect blend. We will go over maintenance and longevity of your extensions in depth. I will help you to determine the best option not only for your lifestyle but for the health of your hair.


Color Services

Base Color root touch up only $75

Root Color & Face Frame Highlight $115

Root Color & Full Highlight $165

All Over Color $100

Gloss color gloss or toner $30

Full Babylight Fine weaves for a softer grow out. $130


Partial Babylight A few foils at the nape and then foils from top of ears to the front of the face.  $80


Face Frame Foils strategically placed around the face to add brightness. $45

Full Highlight Traditional highlights designed to make maximum impact $140

Partial Highlight foils from top of ears to the front of the face.  $105

Balayage hand painted highlights starting at $140

Balayage & Root Color  Root Retouch blending with balayage technique highlights

Root Smudge This is done before gloss is added at the bowl to blur the foil lines allowing for softer grow out. $35

Teasylights Adding brightness while keeping natural root strategically placed for desired result $90




Hard Water Malibu Treatment This is done at the bowl to remove impurities from hard water.$25


Malibu Treatment Clarifying shampoo and up to 45 mins under heat. $45

Olaplex Treatment Olaplex is added into lightener and or hair color $20

Deep Conditioning Treatment reparative mask $20



Womens $50

Mens $30


Color Correction starts at $100 per hour

All prices are subject to change based on clients needs.

Color services do NOT include haircut prices

THICK/LONG HAIR  Thick/Long hair takes extra time, there is an additional charge for each additional 15 minutes $10

Additional Bowl of Color Additional bowls of color to service, or additional bowls for extra length/thickness $15

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